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This news was a big surprise to my husband and me.


We are pregnant, it was unexpected and surprising since we already have enough children, like the movie YOURS, MINE AND OURS.

But children are always welcome.

I am in week 8 of my pregnancy, every week I’ll write a short article on how I feel, the physical and emotional changes that  my body goes through

The first weeks of pregnancy are a little difficult for some women I think I am among those that suffer most during this time.

The changes in my body are evident at a very early stage even before the expected date of my menstruation.

It beginning with breast pain and that I only happens in my pregnancies.

Right now in week 8 the discomfort is a little unbearable, nausea, lack of energy, very sleepy, sensitivity to odors, all kind of odor. Today I went to my girls school, after me a lady enter the room with a very strong and sweet perfume, i had to run out of the office because I could not stand the smell.

If you’re a mom who is in her first trimester of pregnancy I sure you understand what I’m talking about, but yet there are women who do not experience any discomfort, they are lucky?.

But calm mommies these annoyances goes away on the third or fourth month.

Kathy was born in Comayagua, Honduras, and has lived in The Caribbean, Cancun, Los Angeles, and Baja California. She enjoys cooking and creating delicious recipes, travelling, blogging, and spends her most cherished time with her husband and children.