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In this blog I will talk a little about my pregnancy, how far I am and we will talk a little about the baby’s movements.

When a woman gets pregnant in the beginning of pregnancy we are excited and very anxious  to see our belly grow, to feel the movements of our little one, sometimes we tend to confuse our stomach gas movements with the baby kicks.

It’s on week 16 that we begin to feel smooth movements of our baby for some moms this doesn’t happen until week 20 when we begin to distinguish between a kick from a movement of our intestines.


We get so excited when we feel his first kicks we want our baby to always kick, the movements are soft, they are not so uncomfortable, but every day those movements are getting stronger and more frequent.


When we go through the seventh or eighth month which is where I am now, the movements are so strong and so frequent that we want our little one to slow down a bit, because some times our baby take us by surprise with tremendous kicks.

When we are ready to go to sleep and you lie down on a side that is not your baby favorite one he or she moves and moves and give you bigs kick until you change to a different position, it feel like you have a little worm squirming in your tummy, it is at this time when is more active, just when you have decided to rest from your long day. Or  your baby wake you up in the middle of the night with his strong kicks, you feel that he fits in your ribs, that every time our little one moves in the lower part of your uterus makes you run to bathroom because it seems like you are going to pee in your pants.

If you see your belly you can seen when the baby passes his elbow or knee you can see how it stands out from your skin and although sometimes it hurts you love to see that.

A pregnancy is not as beautiful as it is painted or not enjoyable as much as we want, and let’s not talk about giving birth, but we all know that in the moment we see the face of our baby for the first time the feeling is indescribable, that is the moment we waited long 40 weeks, and we have gone through many ailments, is at that moment we know that everything is worth it, is that moment that you do not change for nothing and you want it to last forever. ❤️


Kathy was born in Comayagua, Honduras, and has lived in The Caribbean, Cancun, Los Angeles, and Baja California. She enjoys cooking and creating delicious recipes, travelling, blogging, and spends her most cherished time with her husband and children.