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That story that I’ll tell you it happen to a friend of a friend as we popularly say.

Why the tittle PREGNANT FOR ONE DAY?


This is the reason.

The friend of my friend’s is mother, wife and lover to exercise. But that has nothing to do with PREGNANT for one day!

Ok here begins the explanation of that phrase:

The friend of my friend has the most regular menstrual period in the world. Its never late except when she is going to have a baby.


The expected date for the period to show up was January 21, 2016, this day came  but the period of our friend did not appear, she thought maybe tomorrow, but nothing. It was the 23 and still nothing. She thought I may be pregnant , her husband told her not to think on that because we haven’t make any mistake.

She waited a couple of days to see if your period come but nothing.

On January 25, 2016 our friend drop the kids to school  as usual  then when to a lab for a pregnancy test. The girl in the laboratory said two hours to pick up the results, our friend took those two hours to run some earrings.

When it came time to collect the results she went to the lab picked up the envelope and opened with much anguish, her gaze was directly to the word POSITIVE. Our friend did not know how to react if been excited or nervous for another pregnancy, she came home told her husband who surprised reaction.2

That day when by, our friend and her husband haven’t  assimilated completely the news that they would have another baby.

The 26 our friend got up at 6 in the morning like every day to bring their kids to school, while preparing the kids lunch she was thinking I’m pregnant. 20 minutes later felt kind of contractions but that’s normal she thought. When he returned from dropping the kids at school, she saw blood very much like a first day period. Our friend got a bit confused and thought I’m on my period? the laboratory result was wrong and I’m not pregnant ?.

It’s was time to pick up the kids from school, she picked them up brought them home, but she was still bleeding as normal period, she decided to find out what was happening.

She went to Dr and he made an ultrasound, the ultrasound results said there was no pregnancy or signs of pregnancy, she returned to the lab to ask for an explanation, the Chemist could not believe the ultrasound result, she claimed that the test ware positive.

They decided to run anther test luckily the lab still had some of the sample from the previous test, they took another sample.

That day wasn’t very pleasurable for our friend with contractions and especially a heavy bleeding.

The pregnancy was in a very early stage that all our friend saw was blood clots.

On the 27 she  received the results of the new tests that the laboratory was doing, the result of the first blood sample again say positive, then the lab is not wrong but the result of the test number two said negative.3

From one day to another the result change from positive to negative, the pregnancy was gone.

So that is why the title, PREGNANT FOR ONE DAY, well actually two or three weeks but our friend only knew for one day before losing it.

And the friend of my friend is ME. Sometimes when we want to ask for an advice or expose our problem we feel a bit shy so we common use the phrase “a friend of a friend”.

This happened a few months ago but until now I decided to write about it.1

Kathy was born in Comayagua, Honduras, and has lived in The Caribbean, Cancun, Los Angeles, and Baja California. She enjoys cooking and creating delicious recipes, travelling, blogging, and spends her most cherished time with her husband and children.