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Tips To Help On The Discipline Of Children

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This is a point system that my husband and I do to help in the disciplining of our children. We use a magnet system you can create/buy from your local craft store. For each child, write the child’s name on a strip of magnet. Than make small squares for the points you are going to give the kids when they do something good. You can also use stickers, or whatever you prefer to keep track and show progress.

At the end of the day, have your children make a list of all the good they did (help around the house, be ready in time for school, not talking back, being kind to others, etc.) and then you can decide how many points they got that day for everything.

It is very important to celebrate all the good that they do, but also give a warning for the bad. With every wrong thing they do, you can give a warning (we call a “strike”), and if they reach three “strikes” than you actually take a point away.

The points can be used for time on their tablet/devices, watching TV, playing with friends, sleepovers … and, at the end of the week the points they accrued throughout the week can be exchanged for money, a dollar for every 10 points or as you decide.

You can up the anty, by making it a little more competitive if you have more than one child. Whoever makes the maximum amount of points during the week, can decide the family activity that everyone will go enjoy together that weekend. And you can offer second and third place prizes, that you can pin up to your fridge all week long, a reminder every day as they pass the kitchen.

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