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Right now I’m in a wonderful stage with my baby girl she is trying to crawl, rolling over very active that I have to have my eye on her, she’s already 5 months old.

But right now I’m experiencing a lot of hair loss through piles every time I comb my hair. I gave myself the task of investigating why our hair falls after giving birth.

And the reason is because of the crazy change of hormones that our body goes through that even the hair is affected by the hormonal change, some women in there pregnancy get beautiful hair, shiny and alive.  But others like my case we suffer the opposite in brittle and dry hairthat it falls.

But all this is normal once the hormones in our body normalize the hair stop falling. We must  realize  that it was not a simple thing what just  happen to our body, we  gave life to a new human being, your baby.

The good thing is that the hair that is falling will come out again, only for a while we will have those huge bald spots on your head.

But most importantly we have our baby that complements all the achaques we can have. so enjoy that little one.

Kathy was born in Comayagua, Honduras, and has lived in The Caribbean, Cancun, Los Angeles, and Baja California. She enjoys cooking and creating delicious recipes, travelling, blogging, and spends her most cherished time with her husband and children.